Blood Biomarker Test

Get a baseline and measure your progress with the LIFE Ascent panel. This test measures 72 important biomarkers to uncover the foundation for a healthier you.

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Blood Test Vacuum

How It Works

This test provides a baseline that you can use to measure your progress. The LIFE Ascent program will teach you the importance of each of these biomarkers and what you can do to improve them.

No one likes getting their blood drawn but this test is well worth it. You will go to any of the 2,000 Quest Diagnostics locations in the US and they will do a blood draw. You will get your results quickly, usually within a few days.

The blood biomarker test is optional. After your purchase, you will receive instructions on how to find and schedule your appointment. Not ready to commit to the blood biomarker test? You can purchase the test at any point during the program.

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