Success Kit / Caliper and Measuring Tape

Calipers and Measuring Tape

Caliper and Measuring Tape

The LIFE Ascent Success Kit will include a MEDca Body Fat Caliper and Measuring Tape. A caliper is used to measure body fat while a measuring tape measures various points of body circumference such as waist, hip, chest, thigh and neck. Both of these devices, in conjunction with the blood biomarker tests, will make it easy to measure your progress towards a healthy level of fat in your body.

Why It Matters

It’s important to monitor your overall body fat as you monitor your health. Body fat, particularly abdominal fat, is linked to insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Measuring your body fat helps you understand how much of your body weight comes from body fat, which can determine your fitness level.

Waist circumference (WC) which is measured using the measuring tape is an indicator of abdominal obesity and can be used to predict risk for all-cause mortality. Additionally, higher waist circumference and lower hip circumference are linked to heart disease risk.

How to Measure Your Body Fat

  • Stand Up: To use the body fat caliper, stand up and move the slide rule of the caliper to the right.
  • Pinch: Use your left thumb and forefinger to gently but firmly pinch your skinfold and pull the fold of skin away slightly from your body, 1 inch above the right hip bone.
  • Click: Squeeze the calipers until the ball socket clicks in and record your measurement. Make sure your skin is dry and lotion-free before measuring, and avoid pinching damaged skin.

How to Use the Measuring Tape

  • Stand Up: To measure waist circumference, stand up straight and wrap your measuring tape around your waist, just above the hip bone (about where you take your skin fold measurement).
  • Exhale: Keep the tape horizontal and snug around your skin. Breath normally and take your measurement on the exhale.
  • Good to Know: You’re considered to have abdominal obesity if you are a woman with a waist circumference higher than 88 cm (35 in), or a man with a waist circumference higher than 102 cm (40 in).
  • Measure More: You can use your measuring tape to measure additional important areas such as hip, chest, thigh and neck.

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